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Enjoy playing the very best of Sudoku! Our collection of free online Sudoku puzzles have you covered, with standard web versions, Daily Sudokus, and interesting twists including Diagonal Sudoku! Instantly play your favorite Sudoku games online for free!

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Sudoku Overview

Welcome to the very best of Sudoku! You will find your favorite Sudoku puzzles here, from classic games to new fresh daily versions of the beloved free online number puzzle. Whether you’re a Sudoku pro or new to the game, start playing now and find your favorite Web Sudoku game today!

Sudoku Fun Facts

  • Sudoku does not require any math language or skills! Anyone with logic skills can play Sudoku.
  • Though its Japanese name means "single numbers," Sudoku is not a Japanese game! It was invented by Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician, in the 1780s. Sudoku, of course, is now a newspaper staple and online versions of the game — including our free online versions — have proliferated!
  • In Japan, interestingly enough, Sudoku is not called Sudoku. Instead, they call it "The place of the number."
  • The worldwide Sudoku championship takes place every year in Lucca, Italy.
  • Playing Sudoku daily can increase your focus, ease depression and prevent dementia, according to some studies.
  • It would take you multiple lifetimes to play every variation of a 9x9 Sudoku grid — there are over 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 possible games!
  • Sudoku puzzles are played so frequently that no one knows exactly how many people play it! Determining the exact number is impossible because people play it in different formats, including printable sudoku, online, or via download.
Now that you’re an expert in Sudoku trivia, start enjoying the best of free Sudoku today!
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